PASTOR GARY HAS BEGUN A NEW SERMON SERIES titled “The Lord’s Prayer.” This familiar prayer contains many hidden gems and a wealth of contextual material that can enhance our appreciation of it and bring us closer to “our Father” in heaven whenever we pray it. Today is part 3 in the series.

THE SECRET FRIENDS’ REVEALING LUNCHEON is TODAY in the fellowship hall following the worship service. Another session of Secret Friends will begin in a few months. Stay tuned!

A MEMBERSHIP REQUEST (FIRST READING) has been made by Elaine Christian, M.D., wishing to join us from the Loma Linda University Church in Loma Linda, CA.

PATHFINDER REGISTRATION will be held on Sabbath, August 26, from 12:30-1:00 pm in the courtyard followed by the first Pathfinder meeting of the year from 1:00-4:00 pm. Registration fee: $50.

OUR AV FUNDRAISING CAMPAIGN is less than $5,000 away from completion! An anonymous donor has pledged to match up to $30,000 of the funds raised and thus far, we have received $25,483 in donations. We hope you consider this upgrade in your giving.

CO-TEACHER WANTED for Junior Sabbath School class. Our Junior class is so important because it contains a group of kids who are just starting out on the long path toward figuring out who they are and where they belong. We are looking for a fun and brave individual to teach alongside Esther Alameddin in helping to guide the Junior class on that quest and show them they belong here. Please contact the church office if interested.

IT’S RATTLESNAKE SEASON and there has been an uptick in sightings across the county. During these hot months when the rattlesnakes are out of hibernation, we ask that you keep a close eye on your children and stick to the paved paths.

A DINNER & MUSIC FUNDRAISER to benefit the worthy student fund at San Diego Academy will be held on Saturday, August 26, at 7 pm in the Academy’s courtyard. For more information, please contact Chef Amilcar J. Marrima at (619) 315-6559.

THANK YOU TO ALL OF THE VOLUNTEERS who signed up and filled open volunteer spots this summer. Thank you for seeing a need in our church and graciously filling it. If you would still like to sign up and volunteer this summer, there are a few more spots available on the bulletin board in the foyer.